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Low-level (gallium-aluminum-arsenide) laser irradiation of Par-C10 cells and acinar cells of rat parotid gland
Lasers in medical science  Mar-2009
Onizawa, K; Muramatsu, T; Matsuki, M; Ohta, K; Matsuzaka, K; Oda, Y; Shimono, M; 生化学; 病理学; 歯科理工学; 臨床検査学
Luting of CAD/CAM ceramic inlays: direct composite versus dual-cure luting cement
Bio-medical materials and engineering  2015
Kameyama, A; Bonroy, K; Elsen, C; Lührs, AK; Suyama, Y; Peumans, M; Van, Meerbeek; De Munck, J; 口健臨・総合歯科学
Lymphoepithelial cysts of oral mucosa: two cases in different regions.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2012
Stramandinoli-Zanicotti, RT; de Castro ?vila, LF; de Azevedo Izidoro, AC; Izidoro, FA; Schussel, JL
Macrophage density in pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles greatly exceeds that in other striated muscles : an immunohistochemical study using elderly human cadavers
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
李, 順基
Macroscopic anatomy of the sphenomandibular ligament related to the inferior alveolar nerve block
Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  Jul-2007
Shiozaki, H; Abe, S; Tsumori, N; Shiozaki, K; Kaneko, Y; Ichinohe, T; 歯科麻酔学; 解剖学
Magnetic resonance signal intensity from retrodiscal tissue related to joint effusion status and disc displacement in elderly patients with temporomandibular joint disorders
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2009
Ohkubo, M; Sano, T; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Hayakawa, Y; Okano, T; Sakurai, K; Sato, T; Sugiyama, T; Ishida, R; 摂食・嚥下リハビリ; 歯科放射線学; 有床義歯補綴学; クラウンブリッジ補綴学
Magnetoencephalographic study of the starting point of voluntary swallowing
Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  Jan-2003
Abe, S; Wantanabe, Y; Shintani, M; Tazaki, M; Takahashi, M; Yamane, GY; Ide, Y; Yamada, Y; Shimono, M; Ishikawa, T; 解剖学; 市病・オーラルメディシン・口腔外科学; 脳科学研究施設; 生理学; 市病・整形外科; 病理学
Male gender and high trait anxiety are two major factors for severe dental fear and avoidance
庵原, 義明
Malocclusion associated with abnormal posture
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2003
Yamaguchi, H; Sueishi, K; 歯科矯正学
The Mann Assessment of Swallowing Ability(MASA)による要介護高齢者を対象とした摂食・嚥下機能評価の検討
歯科学報  30-Aug-2011
大平, 真理子; 石田, 瞭; 眞木, 吉信; 大久保, 真衣; 杉山, 哲也; 酒寄, 孝治; 佐藤, 亨; クラウンブリッジ補綴学; 摂食・嚥下リハビリ; 社会歯科学
MARPE を適用した成人症例における上顎骨及び歯の拡大様式(CBCT を用いて)
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
平久, 忠輝; 鈴木, 章裕; 豊留, 依子
Masseter muscle activity in track and field athletes : a pilot study
歯科学報  28-Feb-2018
額賀, 英之
Matching system within clinical training facilities group of clinical dental training in Tokyo Dental College Chiba Hospital.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2010
Yamakura, D; Tsunoda, M; Takahashi, T; Sugiyama, T; Kondo, Y; Noro, A; Kameyama, A; Ichinohe, T; Ishii, T; 総合診療科; 歯科麻酔学講座; 社会歯科学
Material Components Analysis of Dental Devices Circulate in Four Regions of the World, Japan, the United States, Europe and China
黄地, 健仁; 口腔科学研究センター
Measurement of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) after denervation in rat salivary glands
内山, 沙姫; 薬理学
Measurement of lateral loads exerted on the maxillofacial region by habitual postures
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2002
Suzaki, M; Naruse, M; Watanabe, N; Yamaguchi, H; 歯科矯正学
Mechanical force promotes proliferation and early differentiation of bone marrow derived osteoblast-like cells in vitro
歯科学報  30-Dec-2009
内藤, 薫
Mechanical properties of roots combined with prefabricated fiber post
歯科学報  30-Aug-2010
河野, 敬
Mechanical properties of roots combined with prefabricated fiber post
Dental Materials Journal  Sep-2009
Kono, T; Yoshinari, M; Takemoto, S; Hattori, M; Kawada, E; Oda, Y; 歯科理工学
A mechanism for extremely weak SpaP-expression in Streptococcus mutans strain Z1
Journal of oral microbiology  Apr-2011
Sato, Y; Okamoto-Shibayama, K; Azuma, T; 生化学
Medial Pterygoid initiated the Growth of the Mandible through Premature Muscle Contraction
Journal of Hard Tissue Biology  Apr-2014
菊池, 龍介; Kikuchi, R; Yamamoto, M; Kitamura, K; Shiozaki, K; Kishi, A; Usami, A; Abe, S
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