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Stress distribution in maxillary alveolar ridge according to finite element analysis using micro-CT
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2006
Nomoto, S; Matsunaga, S; Ide, Y; Abe, S; Takahashi, T; Saito, F; Sato, T; クラウンブリッジ補綴学; 解剖学
Electromyographic Response in Inferior Head of Human Lateral Pterygoid Muscle to Anteroposterior Postural Change during Opening and Closing of Mouth
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2009
Yotsuya, M; Sato, T; Kawamura, S; Furuya, E; Saito, F; Hisanaga, R; Onodera, K; クラウンブリッジ補綴学