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Luting of CAD/CAM ceramic inlays: direct composite versus dual-cure luting cement
Bio-medical materials and engineering  2015
Kameyama, A; Bonroy, K; Elsen, C; Lührs, AK; Suyama, Y; Peumans, M; Van, Meerbeek; De Munck, J; 口健臨・総合歯科学
Lymphangiogenesis and NOS Localization in Healing Process after Tooth Extraction in Akita Mouse
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2016
Takahashi, S; Kikuchi, R; Ambe, K; Nakagawa, T; Takada, S; Ohno, T; Watanabe, H
Lymphoepithelial cysts of oral mucosa: two cases in different regions.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2012
Stramandinoli-Zanicotti, RT; de Castro ?vila, LF; de Azevedo Izidoro, AC; Izidoro, FA; Schussel, JL
Macrophage density in pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles greatly exceeds that in other striated muscles : an immunohistochemical study using elderly human cadavers
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
李, 順基
Macrophage infiltration into thyroid follicles : an immunohistochemical study using donated elderly cadavers
歯科学報  30-Aug-2019
髙山, 岳志
Macroscopic anatomy of the sphenomandibular ligament related to the inferior alveolar nerve block
Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  Jul-2007
Shiozaki, H; Abe, S; Tsumori, N; Shiozaki, K; Kaneko, Y; Ichinohe, T; 歯科麻酔学; 解剖学
Magnetic resonance signal intensity from retrodiscal tissue related to joint effusion status and disc displacement in elderly patients with temporomandibular joint disorders
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2009
Ohkubo, M; Sano, T; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Hayakawa, Y; Okano, T; Sakurai, K; Sato, T; Sugiyama, T; Ishida, R; 摂食・嚥下リハビリ; 歯科放射線学; 有床義歯補綴学; クラウンブリッジ補綴学
Magnetoencephalographic study of the starting point of voluntary swallowing
Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  Jan-2003
Abe, S; Wantanabe, Y; Shintani, M; Tazaki, M; Takahashi, M; Yamane, GY; Ide, Y; Yamada, Y; Shimono, M; Ishikawa, T; 解剖学; 市病・オーラルメディシン・口腔外科学; 脳科学研究施設; 生理学; 市病・整形外科; 病理学
Male gender and high trait anxiety are 2 major factors associated with severe dental fear and avoidance
庵原, 義明
Male gender and high trait anxiety are two major factors for severe dental fear and avoidance
庵原, 義明
Malocclusion associated with abnormal posture
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2003
Yamaguchi, H; Sueishi, K; 歯科矯正学
The Mann Assessment of Swallowing Ability(MASA)による要介護高齢者を対象とした摂食・嚥下機能評価の検討
歯科学報  30-Aug-2011
大平, 真理子; 石田, 瞭; 眞木, 吉信; 大久保, 真衣; 杉山, 哲也; 酒寄, 孝治; 佐藤, 亨; クラウンブリッジ補綴学; 摂食・嚥下リハビリ; 社会歯科学
Marginal bone loss and the risk indicators of fixed screw-retained implant-supported prostheses and fixed telescopic-retained implant-supported prostheses in full arch: A retrospective case-control study
Clinical oral implants research  Jul-2021
Oda, Y; Mori, G; Honma, S; Ito, T; Iijima, T; Yajima, Y; 口腔インプラント学
Marginal Leakage of Endodontic Temporary Restorative Materials Around Access Cavities Prepared With Pre-Endodontic Composite Build-Up: An In Vitro Study
Materials  Apr-2020
Kameyama, A; Saito, A; Haruyama, A; Komada, T; Sugiyama, S; Takahashi, T; Muramatsu, T; 保存修復学; 総合診療科; 水病・歯科衛生士部
MARPE を適用した成人症例における上顎骨及び歯の拡大様式(CBCT を用いて)
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
平久, 忠輝; 鈴木, 章裕; 豊留, 依子
Masseter muscle activity in track and field athletes : a pilot study
歯科学報  28-Feb-2018
額賀, 英之
Matching system within clinical training facilities group of clinical dental training in Tokyo Dental College Chiba Hospital.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2010
Yamakura, D; Tsunoda, M; Takahashi, T; Sugiyama, T; Kondo, Y; Noro, A; Kameyama, A; Ichinohe, T; Ishii, T; 総合診療科; 歯科麻酔学講座; 社会歯科学
Material Components Analysis of Dental Devices Circulate in Four Regions of the World, Japan, the United States, Europe and China
黄地, 健仁; 口腔科学研究センター
Matrigel promotes the structural regeneration of damaged rat submandibular glands in vivo and in vitro
歯科学報  30-Oct-2022
金内, 洋光
Matrigel promotes the structural regeneration of damaged rat submandibular glands in vivo and in vitro
日本口腔検査学会雑誌  29-Mar-2019
Fumitaka, Kobayashi; Hiromitsu, Kaneuchi; Akram, Al-Wahabi; Tungalag, Ser-Od; Satoshi, Murakami; Kenichi, Matsuzaka; Takashi, Inoue
Maxillary reconstruction using tunneling flap technique with 3D custom-made titanium mesh plate and particulate cancellous bone and marrow graft: a case report
Maxillofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery  Oct-2019
Takano, M; Sugahara, K; Koyachi, M; Odaka, K; Matsunaga, S; Homma, S; Abe, S; Katakura, A; Shibahara, T; 解剖学; 口腔顎顔面外科学; 歯科放射線学; 口腔インプラント学; 口腔科学研究センター; 口腔病態外科学
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