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Proteomic Analysis of Lipopolysaccharide-treated Submandibular Gland in Rat.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2011
Sawaki, K; Shinomiya, T; Okubo, M; Tsukagoshi, E; Ogane, M; Matsuura, M; Yoshikawa, M; Kawaguchi, M; 薬理学
Pulp responses after CO(2) laser irradiation of rat dentin
Photomedicine and laser surgery  Feb-2013
Lee, DH; Murakami, S; Khan, SZ; Inoue, T; 臨床検査学
Pulp Responses After CO2 Laser Irradiation of Rat Dentin
歯科学報  30-Aug-2013
李, 東瑚
Radial-Flow Bioreactor Enables Uniform Proliferation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells throughout 3-D Scaffold.
歯科学報  30-Dec-2012
片山, 愛子
Radiation-induced parotid gland atrophy in patients with head and neck cancer after carbon-ion radiotherapy
歯科学報  28-Feb-2018
森川, 貴迪
Radicular cyst and granuloma : A clinicopathological study of 1590 cases and a literature review
歯科学報  30-Apr-2015
佐貫, 展丈
Radicular cyst and granuloma : A clinicopathological study of1590 cases and a literature review
日本口腔検査学会雑誌  31-Mar-2014
Sanuki, T; Matsuzaka, K; Inoue, K; Hashimoto, K; Inoue, T; 臨床検査病理学
Radiographic alveolar bone loss in patients undergoing periodontal maintenance
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2008
Fukuda, CT; Carneiro, SR; Alves, VT; Pustiglioni, FE; De Micheli, G
Radiological and pathological examination of synovial chondromatosis of the temporomandibular joint: A case report
日本口腔検査学会雑誌  31-Mar-2016
Murakami, S; Matsuzaka, K; ashimoto, K; Nakajima, K; Inoue, K; Sasaki, Y; Otonari, M; Ogane, S; Ohata, H; Inoue, T; 臨床検査病理学; 歯科放射線学; 口腔顎顔面外科学
A randomized trial comparing postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy with cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil versus preoperative chemotherapy for localized advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus (JCOG9907)
Annals of surgical oncology  Jan-2012
Ando, N; Kato, H; Igaki, H; Shinoda, M; Ozawa, S; Shimizu, H; Nakamura, T; Yabusaki, H; Aoyama, N; Kurita, A; Ikeda, K; Kanda, T; Tsujinaka, T; Nakamura, K; Fukuda, H; 市病・外科学
A rare case of dermoid cyst arising in the upper lip
International journal of surgery case reports  Aug-2020
Matsuzaki, M; Kato, H; Yoshida, S; Watanabe, W; Takano, M; 口腔顎顔面外科学
Rare growth pattern of a solitary cystic lung metastasis from colon cancer: a case report
Respirology case reports  Aug-2019
Eguchi, K; Nakajima, T; Terashima, T; Sasaki, A; Hasegawa, H; Matsui, J; 市病・外科学; 市病・臨床検査科; 市病・呼吸器内科
RCT 中に来院しなくなった患者が再び来院した際,前回の作業長より,かなり短い時点でリーマーによる痛みを訴えました。考えられる原因はなんですか?
歯科学報  30-Apr-2015
末原, 正崇; 古澤, 成博; 歯科保存学
Re-epithelialization of the Buccal Mucosa after Alkaline Chemical Injury
歯科学報  30-Apr-2015
高市, 真之
Real-world Discontinuation of Antidepressant Treatment in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Chart Review.
Pain medicine  Dec-2019
Watanabe, M; Takenoshita, M; Tu, TTH; Toyofuku, A; 歯科放射線学
Rebamipide, an anti-ulcerative drug, inhibits induction of salivary dysfunction by benzodiazepines
歯科学報  30-Dec-2018
大金, 誠
Recent progress and present condition of dentistry in japan
The Dental cosmos  Aug-1902
Chiwaki, M
Recent Progress in Sensory Mechanism
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2007
Suzuki, T; 生理学
Recent trends among dental residents at Tokyo Dental College.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2013
Takahashi, T; Furusawa, M; Katakura, A; Sugito, H; Hirata, S; Ishii, T; Kameyama, A; Noro, A; Yamakura, D; Kondou, Y; Sugiyama, T; Sugiyama, S; Haruyama, A; Asami, M; 総合診療科; 歯科保存学; 市病・オーラルメディシン・口腔外科学; 口健臨; 社会歯科学
The receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor vandetanib activates Akt and increases side population in a salivary gland tumor cell line (A253)
歯科学報  30-Oct-2012
藤代, 結香
Reconstruction of the inferior alveolar nerve by autologous graft: a retrospective study of 20 cases examining donor nerve length
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2003
Takasaki, Y; Noma, H; Kitami, T; Shibahara, T; Sasaki, K; 水病・口腔外科; 口腔外科学第一
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