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Relationship between gagging severity and its management in dentistry
歯科学報  30-Aug-2013
齋田, 菜緒子
Relationship between General Health, Lifestyle, Oral Health, and Periodontal Disease in Adults : A Large Cross-sectional Study in Japan
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
米山, みき
Relationship between Hyposalivation and Acute Respiratory Infection in Dental Outpatients
歯科学報  30-Apr-2012
岩渕, 博史
Relationship between large tubules and dentin caries in human deciduous tooth
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Agematsu, H; Abe, S; Shiozaki, K; Usami, A; Ogata, S; Suzuki, K; Soejima, M; Ohnishi, M; Nonami, K; Ide, Y; 解剖学
Relationship between masticatory function and frailty in community-dwelling Japanese elderly
歯科学報  30-Dec-2019
堀部, 耕広
Relationship between mild cognitive decline and oral motor functions in metropolitan community-dwelling older Japanese: The Takashimadaira study
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics  Mar-2019
Kugimiya, Y; Ueda, T; Watanabe, Y; Takano, T; Edahiro, A; Awata, S; Sakurai, K; 老年歯科補綴学
Relationship between number of present teeth and nutritional intake in institutionalized elderly
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2005
Suzuki, K; Nomura, T; Sakurai, M; Sugihara, N; Yamanaka, S; Matsukubo, T; 衛生学
Relationship between oral tissue blood flow and oxygen tension in rabbit
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2009
Terakawa, Y; Ichinohe, T; Kaneko, Y; 歯科麻酔学
Relationship between Preferential Alignment of Biological Apatite and Young's modulus at First Molar in Human Mandible Cortical bone
歯科学報  30-Aug-2013
松本, 達事
Relationship between the immunohistological examination and fluorescence visualization of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Oncology letters  Sep-2020
Sugahara, K; Koyama, Y; Koyachi, M; Matsunaga, S; Odaka, K; Kitamura, K; Nakajima, K; Matsuzaka, K; Abe, S; Katakura, A; 解剖学; 組織・発生学; 口腔病態外科学; 歯科放射線学; 臨床検査病理学; 口腔科学研究センター
Relative factors of late cervical lymph node metastasis in patients with stageⅠ or Ⅱ oral squamous cell carcinoma
歯科学報  30-Apr-2017
吉田, 佳史
Release properties of atelocollagen-gelatin complexes as carriers for local administration of fluvastatin
歯科学報  30-Apr-2019
喜田, 晃一
Reliability of linear distance measurement for dental implant length with standardized periapical radiographs
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2006
Wakoh, M; Harada, T; Otonari, T; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Ohkubo, M; Kousuge, Y; Kobayashi, N; Mizuta, S; Kitagawa, H; Sano, T; 歯科放射線学; 放射線科
Reliance on diagnostic elements in panoramic imaging with focus on ameloblastoma and keratocystic odontogenic tumor: psychometric study.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2011
Wakoh, M; Okawa, Y; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Kamio, T; Sakamoto, J; Yamamoto, A; Sano, T; Hashimoto, K; Araki, M; 歯科放射線学
Remifentanil Decreases Mandibular Bone Marrow Blood Flow During Propofol or Sevoflurane Anesthesia in Rabbits
歯科学報  30-Dec-2009
劔持, 正浩
Remifentanil decreases oral tissue blood flow while maintaining internal carotid artery blood flow during sevoflurane anesthesia in rabbits
歯科学報  30-Jul-2020
平田, 淳司
Remifentanil decreases oral tissue blood flow while maintaining internal carotid artery blood flow during sevoflurane anesthesia in rabbits.
The Journal of veterinary medical science  Mar-2018
Hirata, A; Kasahara, M; Matsuura, N; Ichinohe, T; 薬理学; 歯科麻酔学
Remifentanil in combination with propofol is suitable for use in the dental outpatient setting
歯科学報  28-Feb-2018
前納, 允
Remifentanil is a suitable concomitant agent for propofol during dental outpatient anaesthesia
前納, 允
Remifentanil reduces blood loss during orthognathic surgery
歯科学報  30-Apr-2018
岡村, 大器
Repair Bond Strength of a Resin Composite to Plasma-Treated or UV-Irradiated CAD/CAM Ceramic Surface
Coatings  Jun-2018
Kameyama, A; Haruyama, A; Tanaka, A; Noro, A; Takahashi, T; Yoshinari, M; Furusawa, M; Yamashita, S; 歯内療法学; 保存修復学; 総合診療科; 口腔科学研究センター; パーシャルデンチャー補綴学
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