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Title: 齒科學報
ISSN: 0037-3710
URL: http://www.tdc.ac.jp/college/activity/tabid/124/Default.aspx
歯科医学叢談: 1-4(1895-1899)
臨牀齒科學報: 1-4(1946-1950)


Vol.109 no.05 (2009) Table of Contents

  高松, 潔
i -
【東京歯科大学創立120周年記念記事「継承と発展」 -研究と診療の最前線-】
  小板橋, 俊哉
454 - 455
【東京歯科大学創立120周年記念記事「継承と発展」 -各界の卒業生に聞く-】
  椎木, 一雄
458 - 465
  齊藤, 力
466 - 469
  丸茂, 健
470 - 477
インプラント治療の潮流(IV) : トップダウントリートメントのための骨造成法
  古谷, 義隆; 佐々木, 穂高; 本間, 慎也; 田口, 達夫; 伊藤, 太一; 関根, 秀志; 矢島, 安朝
480 - 481
  田中, 倫子; 衣松, 高志; 藤田, 貴久; 山本, 茂樹; 太田, 幹夫; 渋川, 義宏; 石原, 和幸; 山田, 了
485 - 493
  渋川, 義宏
494 - 496
Expression of BMP7 is associated with resistance to diabetic stress : Comparison among mouse salivary glands
  和泉, 正丈
498 - 499
Ketamine, not fentanyl, suppresses pain-related magnetic fields associated with trigeminally innervated area following CO2 laser stimulation
  松浦, 信幸
500 - 501
Changes in Partial Pressure of Arterial Carbon Dioxide Induces Redistribution of Oral Tissue Blood Flow in the Rabbit
  半田, 麻里子
502 - 503
Involvement of Iaminin and integrins in adhesion and migration of junctional epithelium
  衣松, 高志
504 - 505
Influence of extraoral lateral force loading on the mandible in the mandibular development of growing rats
  石井, 武展
506 - 507
Behavior of rat periodontal ligament cells on fibroblast growth factor-2-immobilized titanium surfaces trealed by plasma modification
  国分, 栄仁
508 - 509
The Influence of Bite Force on the Internal Structure of the Mandible through Implant : Three-dimensional and Mechanical Analysis Using Micro-CT and Finite Element Method
  松永, 智
510 - 511
Morphological and molecular changes in denture-supporting tissues under persistent mechanical stress in rats
  鶴岡, 守人
512 - 513
Influence of Chewing Rate on Salivary Stress Hormone Levels
  田坂, 彰規
514 - 515
Influence of width and depth of palatal vault on rigidity of palatal strap:A finite element study
  高梨, 琢也
516 - 517
Effect of Dentin Hardness on Ablation Rate with Er : YAG Laser
  大須賀, 敬悟
518 - 519
Three dimensional observation of the occlusal grooves in the maxillary first and second deciduous molars with micro-CT
  原, 麻子
520 - 521
Microsatellite analysis of serum DNA in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
  柿本, 吉堂
522 - 523
Oral structure representation in human somalosensory cortex
  田村, 洋平
524 - 525
Immunolocalization of laminin and integrin in regenerating junctional epithelium of mice after gingivectomy
  正岡, 孝康
526 - 527
Ultrastructural study of tissues surrounding replanted teeth and dental implants
  塩谷, 宗大
528 - 529
Morphologic Characteristics of Palatopharyngeal Muscle
  奥田, 真平
530 - 531
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy study on primary molor and sensory cortex response to clenching
  澁澤, 真美
532 - 533
Motif-Programmed Artificial Extracellular Matrix
  國分, 克寿
534 - 535
In Search of Necessary Mouthguard Thickness. Part 1 : From the Viewpoint of Shock Absorption Ability
  前田, 昌彦
536 - 537
Effect of the dental adhesive, 4-META/MMA-TBB resin, on adhesion and keratinization of regenerating oral epithelium
  土谷, 隠史
538 - 539
Age estimation based on three-dimensional measurement of mandibular central incisors in Japanese
  染田, 英利
540 - 541
Bactericidal effect of a 405-nm diode laser on Porphyromonas gingivalis
  小德, 裕司
542 - 543
Myofiber Properties of Mouse Mylohyoid Muscle in the Growth Period
  角, 祥太郎
544 - 545