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Title: 齒科學報
ISSN: 0037-3710
URL: http://www.tdc.ac.jp/college/activity/tabid/124/Default.aspx
歯科医学叢談: 1-4(1895-1899)
臨牀齒科學報: 1-4(1946-1950)


Vol.111 no.01 (2011) Table of Contents

  金子, 譲
1i - 1i
【平成21年度 東京歯科大学口腔科学研究センターワークショップ】
キーノート : 口科研の未来を考える
  井上, 孝
1 - 2
(1)特別講演 : 現在の韓国の歯科大学の状況
  鄭, 翰聖
3 - 3

4 - 14
  森田, 正純
15 - 18
  田﨑, 雅和; 栁澤, 伸彰
19 - 21
歴史に学ぶ歯科医療の打開(Ⅰ) : 静脈内注射事件(その1)
  吉澤, 信夫
25 - 34
  井田 篤; 藤波, 弘州; 齋藤, 淳; 関根, 秀志; 二階堂, 雅彦; 槇石, 武美
35 - 43
  八木澤, 潤子; 市川, 秀樹; 成田, 真人; 伊藤, 亜希; 田中, 潤一; 野本, 俊太郎; 下尾, 嘉昭; 髙野, 伸夫; 齊藤, 力
44 - 50
  牧野, 正志; 野嶋, 邦彦; 西井, 康; 髙野, 伸夫; 末石, 研二
51 - 58
講演1 : 子どもの口と身体の健康とスポーツドリンク
  薬師寺, 仁
59 - 68
  久永, 竜一
69 - 70
Paradoxical Effect of 2, 3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic Acid(DMPS)on Enhancing Antitumor Activity of Cisplatin in Ascites Sarcoma 180 Cells
  佐藤, 壽宏
72 - 73
Felypressin, but Not Epinephrine, Reduces Myocardial Oxygen Tension After an Injection of Dental Local Anesthetic Solution at Routine Doses
  稲川, 元明
74 - 75
Down-regulated Genes in Mouse Dental Papillae and Pulp
  佐々木, 穂高
76 - 77
Visual and Auditory Stimuli Associated with Swallowing : An fMRI Study
  河合, 毅師
78 - 79
Blood flow in denture-supporting maxillary mucosa in response to simulated mastication by loading
  岡田, 千奈
80 - 81
Sodium-Calcium Exchangers in Rat Ameloblasts
  奥村, 礼二郎
82 - 83
Midazolam More Effectively Suppresses Sympathetic Activations and Reduces Stress Feelings During Mental Arithmetic Task Than Propofol
  栂安, 理絵
84 - 85
Immunohistochemical localization of elastin, fibrillins and microfibril-associated glycoprotein-1 in the developing periodontal ligament of the rat molar
  菅原, 優
86 - 87
Improved brushing durability of titanium dioxide coating on polymethyl methacrylate substrate by prior treatment with acryloxypropyl trimethoxysilane-based agent for denture application
  天野, 大地
88 - 89
Retainer design for unilateral extension base partial removable dental prosthesis by three-dimensional finite element analysis
  粟生田, 晃一
90 - 91
Electromyographic Response in Inferior Head of Human Lateral Pterygoid Muscle to Anteroposterior Postural Change during Opening and Closing of Mouth
  四ツ谷, 護
92 - 93
Oral environmental factors affecting number of microbes in saliva of complete denture wearers
  竜, 正大
94 - 95
Expression and function of laminin and integrins on adhesion/migration of primary culture cells derived from rat oral epithelium
  杉澤, 幹雄
96 - 97
Responses of immature dental pulp cells to hypoxic stimulation
  泉水, 祥江
98 - 99
Influence of experimental hemi-occlusion on mandibular morphology and internal structure in growing rabbit
  小泉, 儀明
100 - 101
A Comparison of Propofol and Dexmedetomidine for Intravenous Sedation : A Randomized, Crossover Study of the Effects on the Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems
  大川, 恵子
102 - 103
Influence of number and inclination angle of implants on stress distribution in mandibular cortical bone with All-on-4 Concept
  髙橋, 武志
104 - 105
Expressions of RANKL and OPG mRNA on Rat Periodontal Ligament Cells Following Heavy Mechnical Stress
  成瀬, 晋一
106 - 107
Transforming growth factor beta inducible apoptotic cascade in epithelial cells during rat molar tooth eruptions
  森口, 美津子
108 - 109
Redistribution of Tissue Blood Flow After Stellate Ganglion Block in the Rabbit
  寺川, 由比
110 - 111
Effect of Titanium Dioxide and 3.5% Hydrogen Peroxide with 405-nm Diode Laser Irradiation on Bonding of Resin to Pulp Chamber Dentin
  春山, 亜貴子
112 - 113
HGF and IGF-1 is Present during the Developmental Process of Murine Masseter Muscle
  野並, 幹三
114 - 115
Three-dimensional analysis of pulp chambers in mandibular fist deciduous molars
  大西, 正治
116 - 117