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Title: 齒科學報
ISSN: 0037-3710
URL: http://www.tdc.ac.jp/college/activity/tabid/124/Default.aspx
歯科医学叢談: 1-4(1895-1899)
臨牀齒科學報: 1-4(1946-1950)


Vol.117 no.02 (2017) Table of Contents


2c - 2c
  松坂, 賢一
2i - 2i
  松坂, 賢一
87 - 92
  宮内, 潤
93 - 103
平成28年度大学院Elective Study 報告
  池田, 雄介; 楊, 隆強
104 - 107
歯科医師が関わるチーム医療・多職種連携 8.ドライマウス外来
  市島, 丈裕; 村戸, ドール; 新澤, 恵; 瀬田, 範行; 島崎, 潤; 野村, 武史
109 - 111
  酒井, 克彦; 阿部, 真和; 今井, 琴子; 田川, 駿; 藪下, 雅子; 三條, 祐介; 大屋, 朋子; 藤平, 弘子; 齋藤, 寛一; 露無, 松里; 貝田, 将郷; 片山, 正輝; 堀田, 拓; 中島, 庸也; 野村, 武史
115 - 119
早期口腔癌におけるNarrow Band Imaging(NBIⓇ)システム搭載拡大内視鏡で描出された上皮乳頭内毛細血管ループ(Intrapapillary Capillary Loop:IPCL)に関する研究
  関根, 理予
120 - 126
  菊地, 崇剛; 齋藤, 寛一; 河地, 誉; 市島, 丈裕; 三條, 祐介; 酒井, 克彦; 澁井, 武夫; 佐藤, 一道; 野村, 武史
127 - 131
  柴原, 孝彦
132 - 135
Electrophysiological evaluation of nerve function in inferior alveolar nerve injury : relationship between nerve action potentials and histomorphometric observations
  村山, 雅人
138 - 139
Relative factors of late cervical lymph node metastasis in patients with stageⅠ or Ⅱ oral squamous cell carcinoma
  吉田, 佳史
140 - 141
Effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound(LIPUS)with different frequency on bone defect healing
  門田, 和也
142 - 143
The effect of basic fibroblast growth factor on regeneration in a surgical wound model of rat submandibular glands
  小林, 史卓
144 - 145
Effects of volatile anesthetics on oral tissue blood flow in rabbits : a comparison among isoflurane, sevoflurane, and desflurane
  岡本, 聡太
146 - 147
Effect of osteogenic differentiation medium on proliferation and differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in three-dimensional culture with radial flow bioreactor
  西村, 逸郎
148 - 149
Metabolic Syndrome, Lifestyle, and Dental Caries in Japanese School Children
  大澤, 博哉
150 - 151
Cytokeratin 13, Cytokeratin 17, Ki-67 and p53 Expression in Upper Layers of Epithelial Dysplasia Surrounding Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  松平, 晶子
152 - 153
Continuous postoperative pain control using a multiple-hole catheter after iliac bone grafting : comparison between ropivacaine and levobupivacaine
  久木留, 宏和
154 - 155
Intercellular odontoblast communication via ATP mediated by pannexin-1 channel and phospholipase C-coupled receptor activation
  古屋, 忠
156 - 157
Actin stabilization induces apoptosis in cultured porcine epithelial cell rests of Malassez
  牛窪, 敏博
158 - 159
Translucency and flexural strength of monolithic translucent zirconia and porcelain-layered zirconia
  松崎, 文頼
160 - 161
Proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on zirconia and titanium with different surface topography
  平野, 友基
162 - 163
  重政, 理香
164 - 165
Involvement of luxS in Biofilm Formation by Capnocytophaga ochracea
  齊藤, 教子
166 - 167
Effect of oral cleaning using mouthwash and a mouth moisturizing gel on bacterial number and moisture level of the tongue surface of older adults requiring nursing care
  小林, 健一郎
168 - 169
Transplantation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells carried by self-assembling peptide nanofiber hydrogel improves bone regeneration in rat calvarial bone defects
  林, 宰央
170 - 171

172 - 173

174 - 176

177 - 177