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Title: 齒科學報
ISSN: 0037-3710
URL: http://www.tdc.ac.jp/college/activity/tabid/124/Default.aspx
歯科医学叢談: 1-4(1895-1899)
臨牀齒科學報: 1-4(1946-1950)


Vol.118 no.01 (2018) Table of Contents


0 - 0
  櫻井, 薫
1i - 1i
平成29年度大学院Elective Study 報告(1)-カリフォルニア・イノベーション研修コース-
  吉田, 航
1 - 3
顎下腺唾石のCT 所見と経口的唾石摘出術後の舌神経麻痺との関連性
  菊地, 陽; 馬場, 亮; 石井, 友季子; 山添, 真治; 宗友, 洋平; 小橋, 優子; 最上, 拓児
11 - 15
  和田, 健
16 - 20
  松崎, 勇佑; 渡部, 幸央; 小林, 大輔; 重松, 司朗
21 - 24
  中島, 啓; 矢野, 尚; 國分, 克寿; 橋本, 和彦; 関根, 理予; 柴原, 孝彦; 松坂, 賢一; 橋本, 貞充; 井上, 孝
25 - 29
  本間, 慎也; 野本, 冬歌; 中島, 孝輔; 守, 源太郎; 高梨, 琢也; 森岡, 俊行; 古屋, 克典; 矢島, 安朝
30 - 37
  古屋, 克典; 山下, 秀一郎
38 - 39
  石川, 昂
4 - 6
Influence of Interval Period on Root Resorption Due to Orthodontic Force
  永田, 順也
42 - 43
Effects of chewing rate and reactive hyperemia on blood flow in denture-supporting mucosa during simulated chewing
  荻野, 崇真
44 - 45
Antimicrobial effect of titanium dioxide after ultraviolet irradiation against periodontal pathogen
  白井, 亮
46 - 47
Dental pulp cells promote the expression of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand, prostaglandin E2 and Substance P in mechanically stressed periodontal ligament cells
  森川, 泰紀
48 - 49
Effect of connector design on fracture resistance in zirconia-based fixed partial dentures for upper anterior resion
  荻野, 泰志
50 - 51
Intercellular signal communication among odontoblasts and trigeminal ganglion neurons via glutamate
  西山, 明宏
52 - 53
Dynamic cultivation with radial flow bioreactor enhances proliferation or differentiation of rat bone marrow cells by fibroblast growth factor or osteogenic differentiation factor
  神田, 雄平
54 - 55
Characterization of a potential ABC-type bacteriocin exporter protein from Treponema denticola
  田中, 公子
56 - 57
Autonomic nervous activity of patients with gagging problems during dental mirror insertion
  坂本, 豊明
58 - 59
Remifentanil in combination with propofol is suitable for use in the dental outpatient setting
  前納, 允
60 - 61
Development of a functional biohybrid implant formed from periodontal tissue utilizing bioengineering technology
  中島, 啓
62 - 63
Inhalation of 50% oxygen does not impair respiratory depression during midazolam sedation
  二宮, 文
64 - 65
Distance between intramuscular nerve and artery in the extraocular muscles : a preliminary immunohistochemical study using elderly human cadavers
  北村, 啓
66 - 67
Influence of Lifestyle Factors on Risk of Dental Caries among Children Living in Urban China
  兼元, 妙子
68 - 69
Masseter muscle activity in track and field athletes : a pilot study
  額賀, 英之
70 - 71
Radiation-induced parotid gland atrophy in patients with head and neck cancer after carbon-ion radiotherapy
  森川, 貴迪
72 - 73
Effect of model inclination and height on post thermoforming mouthguard thickness and shock absorption ability in the critical area of the anterior teeth region
  関口, 千栄子
74 - 75
Proliferative activity of skeletal myoblast sheet by paracrine effects of mesenchymal stem cells
  梅澤, 貴志
76 - 77

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