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Title: 齒科學報
ISSN: 0037-3710
URL: http://www.tdc.ac.jp/college/activity/tabid/124/Default.aspx
歯科医学叢談: 1-4(1895-1899)
臨牀齒科學報: 1-4(1946-1950)


Vol.119 no.02 (2019) Table of Contents


2c - 2c
  武田, 友孝
2i - 2i
「顎骨疾患プロジェクトからの情報発信」 6.ファブラボ、口腔感覚と脳機能
  後藤, 多津子
83 - 87
平成30年度大学院Elective Study 報告(2)-カリフォルニア・イノベーション研修コース-
  齋藤, 真帆
88 - 90
  橋本, 正次; 笠原, 典夫; 中村, 安孝
91 - 93
TNM 分類第8版を用いた口腔扁平上皮癌症例の再分類と有用性の評価
  大野, 啓介; 前山, 恵里; 別所, 央城; 山本, 信治; 吉田, 秀児; 渡邊, 章; 菅原, 圭亮; 西山, 明宏; 高木, 亮; 笠原, 清弘; 大金, 覚; 髙野, 正行; 髙野, 伸夫; 片倉, 朗; 柴原, 孝彦
97 - 104
  髙添, 一郎
105 - 114
  大久保, 真衣; 上田, 貴之; 杉戸, 博記; 渡邊, 章; 勢島, 典; 森岡, 俊行; 矢島, 安朝
115 - 121
  今井, 裕樹; 辻野, 啓一郎; 新谷, 誠康
122 - 126
  仁科, 牧子
127 - 128
  柴原, 孝彦
129 - 131
Factors associated with number of present teeth in adults in Japanese urban city
  倉橋, 司
134 - 135
The effects of2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid(DMPS) and meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid(DMSA)on the nephrotoxicity in the mouse during repeated cisplatin(CDDP) treatments
  矢島, 由香
136 - 137
Inhibition of Denture Plaque by TiO2 Coating on Denture Base Resins in the Mouth
  小畑, 朋邦
138 - 139
Influence of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spines, and Shoulder Girdle Range of Motion on Swallowing Function of Dependent Older Adults
  田代, 宗嗣
140 - 141
Effect of cotton roll biting on auditory evoked magnetic fields
  小林, 義昌
142 - 143
Effect of topical anesthesia using an adhesive patch and anesthetic solution
  岸本, 敏幸
144 - 145
Effect of Chewing or Compressing Food on Autonomic Nervous Activity in Older Adults
  太田, 緑
146 - 147
Activation of osteoblastic function on titanium surface with titanium-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticle coating : an in vitro study
  中澤, 正博
148 - 149
Long lasting effects of tongue cleaning with mouthwash or mouth moisturising gel on the number of microbes on the tongue surface of elderly with care needs
  田嶋, さやか
150 - 151
Release properties of atelocollagen-gelatin complexes as carriers for local administration of fluvastatin
  喜田, 晃一
152 - 153
Alignment of Biological Apatite Crystallites in Peri-Implant Bone of Beagles
  小高, 研人
154 - 155
Comparison of age-related morphological changes in the masseter muscles of senescence-accelerated mouse(SAM)
  星野, 照秀
156 - 157
Comparison of Changes in Respiratory Dynamics Immediately after the Start of Propofol Sedation with or without Midazolam
  萩原, 綾乃
158 - 159

160 - 162

163 - 163