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050 Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College

Title: Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College
ISSN: 0040-8891
Title Abbreviation: Bull Tokyo Dent Coll
URL: https://www.tdc.ac.jp/bulletinoftdc/
URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/tdcpublication


Vol.51 no.4 (2010) Table of Contents

【Original Article】
Effects of Deuterium Oxide on Streptococcus mutans and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  Hirai, K; Tomida, M; Kikuchi, Y; Ueda, O; Ando, H; Asanuma, N
175 - 183
Bactericidal Effects of 2.94μm and 1.67μm Laser
  Kukidome, N; Amagai, T; Osuka, K; Kato, J; Hirai, Y; Kato, T; Aida, S
185 - 192
Dental Erosion and Sulfuric Ion Exposure Levels in Individuals Working with Sulfuric Acid in Lead Storage Battery Manufacturing Plant Measured with Mouth-rinse Index
  Suyama, Y; Takaku, S; Okawa, Y; Matsukubo, T
193 - 199
【Case Report】
Simultaneous Application of Combination of Three Surgical Techniques for Trea
  Deliberador, TM; Santos, FR; Bosco, AF; Furlaneto, FA; Messora, MR; Giovanini, AF; Nagata, MJ
201 - 205
Congenital Epidermoid Cyst Arising in Soft Palate Near Uvula: A Case Report
  Suga, K; Muramatsu, K; Uchiyama, T; Takano, N; Shibahara, T
207 - 211
【Clinical Report】
FP Core Carrier Technique: Thermoplasticized Gutta-percha Root Canal Obturation Technique Using Polypropylene Core
  Kato, H; Nakagawa, K
213 - 220
【Short Communication】
1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3?Rapidly Modulates Ca2+Influx in Osteoblasts Mediated by Ca2+?Channels
  Uchida, Y; Endoh, T; Shibukawa, Y; Tazaki, M; Sueishi, K
221 - 226