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050 Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College

Title: Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College
ISSN: 0040-8891
Title Abbreviation: Bull Tokyo Dent Coll
URL: https://www.tdc.ac.jp/bulletinoftdc/
URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/tdcpublication


Vol.52 no.4 (2011) Table of Contents

【Original Article】
Epithelial Cell Rests of Malassez Modulate Cell Proliferation, Differentiation and Apoptosis via Gap Junctional Communication under Mechanical Stretching in vitro
  Haku, K; Muramatsu, T; Hara, A; Kikuchi, A; Hashimoto, S; Inoue, T; Shimono, M
173 - 182
Morphological Observation of Process of Mouse Temporomandibular Joint Formation
  Ohshima, T; Yonezu, H; Nishibori, Y; Uchiyama, T; Shibahara, T
183 - 190
Longitudinal Observation of Developmental Change in Maxillary Deciduous and Permanent Canines
  Fukuyama, T; Yakushiji, M
191 - 199
【Case Report】
Osteosarcoma of Maxilla with Unusual Image Findings in Child
  Yamamoto, A; Sakamoto, J; Muramatsu, T; Hashimoto, S; Shibahara, T; Shimono, M; Sano, T
201 - 207
Effectiveness of Calvital?, a Calcium Hydroxide Formulation, on Persistent Apical Periodontitis Caused by Over-enlargement of Apical Foramen
  Furusawa, M; Hayakawa, H; Ida, A
209 - 213
【Clinical Report】
Two-year Follow-up of Treatment of Intrabony Periodontal Defect with Enamel Matrix Derivative
  Fujinami, K; Hayakawa, H; Ota, K; Ida, A; Nikaido, M; Makiishi, T; Saito, A
215 - 221
Surgical Periodontal Therapy at Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Hospital: A Statistical Profile in 2010-2011
  Hayakawa, H; Ota, K; Ida, A; Fujinami, K; Furusawa, M; Makiishi, T; Nikaido, M; Ichinohe, T; Saito, A
223 - 228