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050 Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College

Title: Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College
ISSN: 0040-8891
Title Abbreviation: Bull Tokyo Dent Coll
URL: https://www.tdc.ac.jp/bulletinoftdc/
URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/tdcpublication


Vol.56 no.3 (2015) Table of Contents

【Original Articles】
Comparison of Dental Explorers and CPI-probes in Diagnosing Dental Caries
  Ishizuka, Y; Maki, Y; Kagami, N; Satou, R; Sugihara, N
139 - 144
Velocity of Canine Retraction in Angle Class I Treated with First Premolar Extraction: Effect of Facial Pattern
  Nakamura, Y; Toyodome, Y; Ishii, T; Sakamoto, T; Motegi, E; Sueishi, K
145 - 151
Treatment Capabilities of Postgraduate Dental Trainees at Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Hospital Based on Dental Services Income
  Sugito, H; Hirata, S; Sakayori, T; Sato, Y; Furusawa, M; Yamashita, S
153 - 160
Determinant Factors in Locating Main Occluding Area on Dental Arch
  Kasahara, T; Nakatsuka, Y; Yamashita, S; Mitsui, T; Tanigawa, Y; Kuroiwa, A
161 - 168
【Case Report】
Microscopic Endodontics in Infected Root Canal with Calcified Structure: A Case Report
  Suehara, M; Sano, Y; Sako, R; Aida, N; Fujii, R; Muramatsu, T; Furusawa, M
169 - 175
Diagnosis and Endodontic Management of Fused Mandibular Second Molar and Paramolar with Concrescent Supernumerary Tooth Using Cone-beam CT and 3-D Printing Technology: A Case Report
  Kato, H; Kamio, T
177 - 184
【Short Communication】
Additional Glucose-PTS Induction in Streptococcus mutans Mutant Deficient in Mannose- and Cellobiose-PTS
  Sato, Y; Okamoto-Shibayama, K; Azuma, T
185 - 188