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Reliability of linear distance measurement for dental implant length with standardized periapical radiographs
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2006
Wakoh, M; Harada, T; Otonari, T; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Ohkubo, M; Kousuge, Y; Kobayashi, N; Mizuta, S; Kitagawa, H; Sano, T; 歯科放射線学; 放射線科
Cone-beam CT (CB Throne) applied to dentomaxillofacial region
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2006
Yajima, A; Otonari-Yamamoto, M; Sano, T; Hayakawa, Y; Otonari, T; Tanabe, K; Wakoh, M; Mizuta, S; Yonezu, H; Nakagawa, K; Yajima, Y; 歯科放射線学; 口腔外科学; 歯内療法学; 口腔インプラント科
Morphohistological change and expression of HSP70, osteopontin and osteocalcin mRNAs in rat dental pulp cells with orthodontic tooth movement
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2006
Shigehara, S; Matsuzaka, K; Inoue, T; 臨床検査学; HRC7
Detection of tumor DNA in plasma using whole genome amplification
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2006
Nakamoto, D; Yamamoto, N; Takagi, R; Katakura, A; Mizoe, JE; Shibahara, T; 口腔外科学