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Effect of time interval between bleaching and bonding on tag formation
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Sundfeld, RH; Briso, AL; De Sá, PM; Sundfeld, ML; Bedran-Russo, AK
Effects of autoclaving on dimensional qualities and physical properties (flexural rigidity and brittleness) of newly developed root canal filling point made of polypropylene (FLEX POINT NEO)
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Ohne, M; Yamazaki, Y; 口腔外科学
Relationship between large tubules and dentin caries in human deciduous tooth
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Agematsu, H; Abe, S; Shiozaki, K; Usami, A; Ogata, S; Suzuki, K; Soejima, M; Ohnishi, M; Nonami, K; Ide, Y; 解剖学
Leukemia case in patient with taste dysfunction
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Tazaki, M; Matsuzaka, K; Ikumoto, H; Inoue, T; 生理学; 臨床検査学; 口腔外科学
Loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite instability on chromosome 2q in human oral squamous cell carcinoma
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2005
Numasawa, H; Yamamoto, N; Katakura, A; Shibahara, T; 口腔外科学