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Polymorphism of LPL Locus in Japanese and comparison of PCR amplification efficiency from degraded DNA between LPL locus and the D21S11
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2005
Maruyama, S; Minaguchi, K; 法歯学
Identification of unknown body using DNA analysis and dental characteristics in chest X-ray photograph
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2005
Minaguchi, K; Maruyama, S; Kasahara, I; Nohira, C; Hanaoka, Y; Tsai, T; Kiriyama, H; Takahashi, N; 法歯学
Percentile curves for food acceptance response scores in assessing chewing functions in adults
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2005
Sakurai, M; Tada, A; Suzuki, K; Yoshino, K; Sugihara, N; Matsukubo, T; 衛生学
Relationship between number of present teeth and nutritional intake in institutionalized elderly
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2005
Suzuki, K; Nomura, T; Sakurai, M; Sugihara, N; Yamanaka, S; Matsukubo, T; 衛生学