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Oral cancer research with an emphasis on genomic analysis
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Shibahara, T; Noma, H; Kakizawa, T; Ohtsuru, H; Fukutake, K; Uchida, I; 口腔外科学第一; 水病・口腔外科
Fluid extravasation of the articular capsule as a complication of temporomandibular joint pumping and perfusion
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Sasaki, K; Watahiki, R; Tamura, H; Ogura, M; Shibuya, M
Constitution of calcium channel current in hamster submandibular ganglion neurons
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Endoh, T; Kamaishi, H; Suzuki, T; 生理学
Orthodontic treatment for jaw deformities in cleft lip and palate patients with the combined use of an external-expansion arch and a facial mask
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Sakamoto, T; Sakamoto, S; Harazaki, M; Isshiki, Y; Yamaguchi, H; 歯科矯正学
Changes and equalization in hearing level induced by dental treatment and instruction in bilaterally equalized chewing: a clinical report
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Nagasaka, H; Matsukubo, T; Takaesu, Y; Kobayashi, Y; Sato, T; Ishikawa, T; 衛生学; 歯科補綴学第二; 歯科保存学第三
Heat shock protein of Mycoplasma salivarium and Mycoplasma orale strains isolated from HIV-seropositive patients
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Chattin-Kacouris, BR; Ishihara, K; Miura, T; Okuda, K; Ikeda, M; Ishikawa, T; Rowland, R; 微生物学; 歯科保存学第三