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N-acetyl cysteine erases cellular damage and oxidative stress by PMMA on oral epithelial cells
Acta odontologica Scandinavica  Apr-2015
西宮, 紘子; Nishimiya, H; Yamada, M; Ueda, T; Sakurai, K; 有床義歯補綴学
Inhibition of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Expression by Prolonged Transforming Growth Factor-β1 (TGF-β1) Administration Suppresses Osteoblast Differentiation
The Journal of biological chemistry  Jun-2012
篠, 宏美; Ochiai, H; Okada, S; Saito, A; Hoshi, K; Yamashita, H; Takato, T; Azuma, T; 生化学