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Debranch-First Technique with Zone 0 Elephant Trunk for Redo Operation of Residual Type B Aortic Dissection: The Completion of Aortic Proximalization
Journal of chest surgery  Jan-2024
Inoue, Y; 市病・心臓血管外科
Remineralization effects of enamel binding peptide, WGNYAYK, on enamel subsurface demineralization in vi tro. Enamel binding peptide, WGNYAYK effect remineralization of enamel
Heliyon  Jan-2024
Miyayoshi, Y; Hamba, H; Nakamura, K; Ishizuka, H; Muramatsu, T; 保存修復学
Implantation of diffractive extended depth-of-focus intraocular lenses in normal tension glaucoma eyes: A case series
American journal of ophthalmology case reports  
Bissen-Miyajima, H; Ota, Y; Yuki, K; Minami, K; 水病・眼科
In Search of More Leaps to Realize the Precision Medicine of Migraine
International journal of molecular sciences  Dec-2023
Shibata, M; 市病・神経内科
Structural analysis of the mylohyoid muscle as a septum dividing the floor of the oral cavity for the purposes of dental implant surgery: variety of muscle attachment positions and ranges of distribution
International journal of implant dentistry  Dec-2023
Noguchi, T; Morita, S; Suzuki, R; Matsunaga, S; Hirouchi, H; Kasahara, N; Sugahara, K; Abe, S; 解剖学; 口腔科学研究センター; 組織・発生学; 口腔病態外科学
X -linked inheritance of primary ciliary dyskinesia and retinitis pigmentosa due to RPGR variant: A case report and literature review
Respirology case reports  Dec-2023
Kuroda, A; Namkoong, H; Iwami, E; Tsutsumi, A; Nakajima, T; Shinoda, H; Katada, Y; Iimura, J; Suzuki, H; Kosaki, K; Terashima, T; 市病・呼吸器内科; 市病・耳鼻咽喉科
Galcanezumab Efficacy Through the Dosing Interval in Japanese Patients with Episodic Migraine: Post Hoc Analysis of a Phase 2 Randomized Trial
Neurology and therapy  Dec-2023
Shibata, M; Nihira, A; Tanji, Y; Ozeki, A; Imagawa, H; Komori, M; 市病・神経内科
Electrohydraulic lithotripsy for ball valve syndrome due to stent-stone complex after endoscopic ultrasound-guided hepaticogastrostomy
Endoscopy  Dec-2023
Mochizuki, M; Nakamura, K; Arahata, K; Takarabe, S; Kishikawa, H; Hisamatsu, T; Nishida, J; 市病消化器内科
Self-expandable metal stent placement for malignant obstruction of the proximal colon using single-balloon enteroscopy
Endoscopy  Dec-2023
Nakamura, K; Tsubata, S; Arahata, K; Asahara, F; Takarabe, S; Kishikawa, H; Nishida, J; 市病消化器内科; 外科学
Successful reintervention using dual-channel endoscope for perforation by partially migrated stent after endoscopic ultrasound-guided hepaticogastrostomy
Endoscopy  Dec-2023
Katayama, T; Nakamura, K; Arahata, K; Takarabe, S; Ojiro, K; Kishikawa, H; Nishida, J; 市病・消化器内科
Enhanced Precision in Genioplasty: A Novel Intraoperative Spatial Repositioning Using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Technology and a Holographic Mixed Reality Application
Journal of clinical medicine  Nov-2023
Koyachi, M; Sugahara, K; Tachizawa, K; Nishiyama, A; Odaka, K; Matsunaga, S; Sugimoto, M; Tachiki, C; Nishii, Y; Katakura, A; 口腔病態外科学; 口腔顎顔面外科学; 解剖学; 歯科矯正学
Association of Tooth Loss with Alzheimer's Disease Tau Pathologies Assessed by Positron Emission Tomography
Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD  Nov-2023
Matsumoto, H; Tagai, K; Endo, H; Matsuoka, K; Takado, Y; Kokubo, N; Shimada, H; Goto, T; Goto, TK; Higuchi, M; 歯科放射線学; 研究ブランディング事業
A rare case of lethal Najuta endograft collapse
Journal of cardiothoracic surgery  Nov-2023
Nakase, A; Inoue, Y; 市病・心臓血管外科
Remodeling of Lumbar Spinal Osteoid Osteoma Resected With Microscopic Surgery in a 15-Year-Old Basketball Player: A Case Report
Curēus  Nov-2023
Matsumoto, S; Anazawa, U; Sasaki, A; Hotta, H; Watanabe, I; Aoyama, R; 市病・整形外科; 市病・臨床検査科; 市病・リハビリテーション科
The Wear Behavior of Glass-Ceramic CAD/CAM Blocks against Bovine Enamel
Materials (Basel, Switzerland)  Oct-2023
Someya, T; Kasahara, M; Takemoto, S; Hattori, M; 歯科理工学
Characteristics of Mandibular Arch Forms in Patients with Skeletal Mandibular Prognathism
Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)  Oct-2023
Ichikawa, E; Tachiki, C; Nojima, K; Matsunaga, S; Sugahara, K; Watanabe, A; Kasahara, N; Nishii, Y; 歯科矯正学; 解剖学; 口腔病態外科学; 口腔顎顔面外科学; 組織・発生学
Percutaneous trans-bladder drainage of a pelvic abscess caused by sigmoid diverticulitis: Two case reports
Radiology case reports  Oct-2023
Nozawa, Y; Masuda, K; Arahata, K; Kobashi, Y; Ikeda, K; Suzuki, T; 市病・放射線科; 市病・消化器内科
Comparison of the fatigue life of pure titanium and titanium alloy clasps manufactured by laser powder bed fusion and its prediction before manufacturing
Journal of prosthodontic research  Oct-2023
Odaka, K; Kamiyama, S; Takizawa, H; Takano, N; Matsunaga, S; 歯科放射線学; 解剖学
Increased RUNX3 expression mediates tumor-promoting ability of human breast cancer-associated fibroblasts
Cancer medicine  Sep-2023
Koyama, Y; Okazaki, H; Shi, Y; Mezawa, Y; Wang, Z; Sakimoto, M; Ishizuka, A; Ito, Y; Koyama, T; Daigo, Y; Takano, A; Miyagi, Y; Yokose, T; Yamashita, T; Sugahara, K; Hino, O; Yang, L; Maruyama, R; Katakura, A; Yasukawa, T; Orimo, A; 口腔病態外科学
Clinical Application of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Device for Safe and Secure IANB by Any Operator
Pain research & management  Sep-2023
Noguchi, T; Odaka, K; Fukuda, KI; 障害者歯科・口腔顔面痛; 歯科放射線学

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