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A new proposal for improving the accuracy of intraoral scanning for partially edentulous residual ridge
Journal of prosthodontic research  Apr-2023
Shimizu, T; Tasaka, A; Wadachi, J; Yamashita, S; パーシャルデンチャー補綴学
Disc Height Narrowing Could Not Stabilize the Mobility at the Level of Cervical Spondylolisthesis: A Retrospective Study of 83 Patients with Cervical Single-Level Spondylolisthesis
Asian spine journal  Feb-2023
Aoyama, R; Yamane, J; Ninomiya, K; Takahashi, Y; Kitamura, K; Nori, S; Suzuki, S; Shiraishi, T; 市病・整形外科
Combination of fluorescence visualization and iodine solution-guided surgery for local control of early tongue cancer
International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  Feb-2023
Morikawa, T; Shibahara, T; Takano, M; 口腔顎顔面外科学
COVID-19 and Coronary Intervention in Japan
Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis  Nov-2022
Sawano, M; 市病・循環器内科
COVID-19-Related Factors Delaying Dental Visits of Workers in Japan
International dental journal  Oct-2022
Suzuki, S; Ohyama, A; Yoshino, K; Eguchi, T; Kamijo, H; Sugihara, N; 短期大学; 衛生学; 歯科社会保障学
Cervical Spinous Process and Its Attached Muscles Maintain Lower Disk Lordosis: A Retrospective Study of 155 Patients Who Underwent Muscle-Preserving Double Laminectomies
Asian spine journal  Oct-2022
Aoyama, R; Yamane, J; Ninomiya, K; Takahashi, Y; Kitamura, K; Nori, S; Suzuki, S; Shiraishi, T; 市病・整形外科
Influence of molding angle on the trueness and defects of removable partial denture frameworks fabricated by selective laser melting
Journal of prosthodontic research  Oct-2022
Kobayashi, H; Tasaka, A; Higuchi, S; Yamashita, S; パーシャルデンチャー補綴学
Efficacy and safety of endovascular therapy for delayed hepatic artery post-pancreatectomy hemorrhage: development of extrahepatic collateral circulation and complications of post endovascular therapy
CVIR endovascular  Sep-2022
Nozawa, Y; Ymazoe, S; Masuda, K; Takigawa, Y; Kobashi, Y; Ikeda, K; Fukuda, T; Michimoto, K; 市病・外科学; 市病・放射線科
Outcome of Lamellar Graft Patching for the Treatment of Noninfectious Corneal Perforations
Cornea  Sep-2022
Suzuki, T; Yamaguchi, T; Tomida, D; Fukui, M; Shimazaki, J; 市病・眼科
Echo-guided seldinger technique facilitates ascending aorta cannulation in type A aortic dissection
Journal of cardiothoracic surgery  Aug-2022
Inoue, Y; 市病・心臓血管外科
Cervical Implant Allergy With Chronic Neck Pain: A Case Report
Curēus  Aug-2022
Aoyama, R; Anazawa, U; Hotta, H; Watanabe, I; Takahashi, Y; Matsumoto, S; 市病・整形外科
A Study for Determining the Inclination of the Occlusal Plane from the Mandibular Functional Trajectory
International journal of dentistry  Jul-2022
Ikeda, K; Yamashita, S; パーシャルデンチャー補綴学
Intraoral scanner and computer-aided design/manufacturing technology for the fabrication of double-crown-retained removable dental prosthesis: A clinical report
Journal of prosthodontic research  Jul-2022
Tasaka, A; Shimizu, T; Yamashita, S; パーシャルデンチャー補綴学
Investigating the Effects of Dehydrated Human Amnion-Chorion Membrane on Periodontal Healing
Biomolecules  Jun-2022
Imamura, K; Hamada, Y; Yoshida, W; Murakami, T; Nakane-Koyachi, S; Yoshikawa, K; Saito, A; 歯周病学; 口腔科学研究センター
Quercetin Reduces the Development of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-Induced Cleft Palate in Mice by Suppressing CYP1A1 via the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
Nutrients  Jun-2022
Satake, K; Ishii, T; Morikawa, T; Sakamoto, T; Nishii, Y; 歯科矯正学
Semaphorin 3A regulates alveolar bone remodeling on orthodontic tooth movement
Scientific reports  Jun-2022
Kamei, H; Ishii, T; Nishii, Y; 歯科矯正学
Reasons for Tooth Extractions in Japan: The Second Nationwide Survey
International dental journal  Jun-2022
Suzuki, S; Sugihara, N; Kamijo, H; Morita, M; Kawato, T; Tsuneishi, M; Kobayashi, K; Hasuike, Y; Sato, T; 衛生学; 歯科社会保障学
Augmented Reality Device for Preoperative Marking of Spine Surgery Can Improve the Accuracy of Level Identification
Spine surgery and related research  May-2022
Aoyama, R; Anazawa, U; Hotta, H; Watanabe, I; Takahashi, Y; Matsumoto, S; Ishibashi, T; 市病・整形外科
Reverse Facial-submental Artery Island Flap with Reinnervation of the Anterior Belly of the Digastric Muscle
Archives of plastic surgery  May-2022
Sakuma, H; Takemaru, M; 市病・形成外科
Locally Secreted Semaphorin 4D Is Engaged in Both Pathogenic Bone Resorption and Retarded Bone Regeneration in a Ligature-Induced Mouse Model of Periodontitis
International journal of molecular sciences  May-2022
Ishii, T; Ruiz-Torruella, M; Yamamoto, K; Yamaguchi, T; Heidari, A; Pierrelus, R; Leon, E; Shindo, S; Rawas-Qalaji, M; Pastore, MR; Ikeda, A; Nakamura, S; Mawardi, H; Kandalam, U; Hardigan, P; Witek, L; Coelho, PG; Kawai, T; 歯科矯正学

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