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Effect of new bone substitute materials consisting oTakahashi K
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Takahashi, K; 保存修復学
A case of orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst suspected to be a radicular cyst
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Onuki, M; Saito, A; Hosokawa, S; Ohnuki, T; Hayakawa, H; Seta, S; Muramatsu, T; Furusawa, M; 口健臨・総合歯科学; 口健臨・歯科保存学; 口健臨・口腔外科学; 病理学
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and postoperative complications after orthognathic surgery
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Kasahara, K; Yajima, Y; Ikeda, C; Kamiyama, I; Takaki, T; Kakizawa, T; Shibahara, T; 口健臨・口腔外科学; 口腔外科学; 口腔インプラント学
Microtensile bond strength of indirect resin composite to resin-coated dentin: interaction between diamond bur roughness and coating material
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Kameyama, A; Oishi, T; Sugawara, T; Hirai, Y; 保存修復学; 総合診療科
Vertical fracture of mandibular condyle treated with intra-articular pumping therapy: a case report
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Yonezu, H; Yakushiji, T; Suga, K; Takano, N; Uchiyama, T; Wakoh, M; 口腔外科学; 歯科放射線学
Congo red-binding protein in rough-phenotype aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans is amyloid-like fiber
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Kimizuka, R; Kato, T; Hashimoto, S; Yamanaka-Okada, A; Okuda, K; Ishihara, K; 微生物学; 口腔科学研究センター; 病理学