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Endovascular repair of a Clostridium perfringens infected pseudoaneurysm presenting as an intramural air pocket
IDCases  May-2020
Tsuji, T; Ono, S; Eguchi, K; Wada, N; Hasegawa, H; Matsui, J; 市病・外科学
Evolution of surgery for rectal cancer: Transanal total mesorectal excision~new standard or fad?~
Journal of the anus, rectum and colon  Oct-2018
Hasegawa, H; Okabayashi, K; Tsuruta, M; Ishida, T; Asahara, F; Coleman, MG; 市病・外科学
Immunohistochemical study of differential expressions of BR3 (BAFF-R) in malignant lymphomas of oral and maxillofacial regions
日本口腔検査学会雑誌  31-Mar-2015
Okada, Y; Ohkubo, Y; Kanri, Y; Ono, J; Ishiguro, H; Moride, M; Hasegawa, H
Immunohistochemical study of malignant lymphomas in oral and maxillofacial regions
日本口腔検査学会雑誌  30-Mar-2013
Okada, Y; Kanri, Y; Ohkubo, Y; Ishiguro, H; Ono, J; Moride, M; Hasegawa, H
Rare growth pattern of a solitary cystic lung metastasis from colon cancer: a case report
Respirology case reports  Aug-2019
Eguchi, K; Nakajima, T; Terashima, T; Sasaki, A; Hasegawa, H; Matsui, J; 市病・外科学; 市病・臨床検査科; 市病・呼吸器内科