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Changes in Muscle-fiber Properties of the Murine Digastric Muscle Before and After Weaning
Zoological science  Dec-2006
Okubo, K; Abe, S; Usami, A; Agematsu, H; Nakamura, H; Hashimoto, M; 解剖学; 生物学; 法人類学
Morphologic characteristics of the superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle in relation to the function during swallowing
Dysphagia  Apr-2007
Tsumori, N; Abe, S; Agematsu, H; Hashimoto, M; Ide, Y; 解剖学; 法人類学
Anatomical study of accessory nerve innervation relating to functional neck dissection
Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  Jan-2007
Shiozaki, K; Abe, S; Agematsu, H; Mitarashi, S; Sakiyama, K; Hashimoto, M; Ide, Y; 解剖学; 法人類学
Oral condition and health status of elderly 8020 achievers in Aichi Prefecture
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2006
Hashimoto, M; Yamanaka, K; Shimosato, T; Ozawa, A; Takigawa, T; Hidaka, S; Sakai, T; Noguchi, T
Experimental device for detecting laryngeal movement during swallowing
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2002
Abe, S; Kaneko, H; Nakamura, Y; Watanabe, Y; Shintani, M; Hashimoto, M; Yamane, GY; Ide, Y; Shimono, M; Ishikawa, T; Yamada, Y; Hayashi, T; 解剖学; オーラル・メディシン; 脳科学研究施設; 法歯学; 病理学; 歯科保存学第三
The influence of bite force on the internal structure of the mandible through implant - Three-dimensional and mechanical analysis using
Journal of oral biosciences  Aug-2008
Matsunaga, S; Okudera, H; Abe, S; Tamatsu, Y; Hashimoto, M; Ide, Y; 解剖学
Temporomandibular joint ankylosis: a case report
Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  Jan-2002
Mitarashi, S; Abe, S; Watanabe, H; Yoshii, M; Hashimoto, M; Ide, Y; 解剖学; 法人類学
Three-dimensional observation of decrease in pulp cavity volume using micro-CT: age-related change
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2010
Agematsu, H; Someda, H; Hashimoto, M; Matsunaga, S; Abe, S; Kim, HJ; Koyama, T; Naito, H; Ishida, R; Ide, Y; 解剖学; 法人類学; 摂食・嚥下リハビリ