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A randomized trial comparing postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy with cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil versus preoperative chemotherapy for localized advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus (JCOG9907)
Annals of surgical oncology  Jan-2012
Ando, N; Kato, H; Igaki, H; Shinoda, M; Ozawa, S; Shimizu, H; Nakamura, T; Yabusaki, H; Aoyama, N; Kurita, A; Ikeda, K; Kanda, T; Tsujinaka, T; Nakamura, K; Fukuda, H; 市病・外科学
Prediction formulas for individual opioid analgesic requirements based on genetic polymorphism analyses
PloS one  Jan-2015
Yoshida, K; Nishizawa, D; Ichinomiya, T; Ichinohe, T; Hayashida, M; Fukuda, K; Ikeda, K; 歯科麻酔学
Genome-wide association study identifies polymorphisms associated with the analgesic effect of fentanyl in the preoperative cold pressor-induced pain test.
Journal of pharmacological sciences  Mar-2018
Takahashi, K; Nishizawa, D; Kasai, S; Koukita, Y; Fukuda, KI; Ichinohe, T; Ikeda, K; 歯科麻酔学; 口腔健康科学・障害者歯科