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Dental Implant Treatment with Different Techniques for Sinus Floor Elevation-A Case Report
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2007
Sekine, H; Taguchi, T; Seta, S; Takano, M; Takeda, T; Kakizawa, T; 口健臨・口腔インプラント学; 口健臨・口腔外科学
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor arising from the mandibular molar region: a case report and review of the literature
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2004
Sato, D; Matsuzaka, K; Yama, M; Kakizawa, T; Inoue, T; 臨床検査学; 水病・口腔外科
Oral cancer research with an emphasis on genomic analysis
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2002
Shibahara, T; Noma, H; Kakizawa, T; Ohtsuru, H; Fukutake, K; Uchida, I; 口腔外科学第一; 水病・口腔外科
Patient in whom surgery was selected to improve mandible position after changing doctors
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2008
Miyazaki, H; Sueishi, K; Takano, M; Kakizawa, T; 口健臨・歯科矯正学; 歯科矯正学
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and postoperative complications after orthognathic surgery
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Kasahara, K; Yajima, Y; Ikeda, C; Kamiyama, I; Takaki, T; Kakizawa, T; Shibahara, T; 口健臨・口腔外科学; 口腔外科学; 口腔インプラント学