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Comparison of salivary cytokine levels in oral cancer patients and healthy subjects
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2007
Katakura, A; Kamiyama, I; Takano, N; Shibahara, T; Muramatsu, T; Ishihara, K; Takagi, R; Shouno, T; 口腔外科学; 病理学; 微生物学; HRC7
Nasolabial flap reconstruction of floor of mouth
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2007
Ikeda, C; Katakura, A; Yamamoto, N; Kamiyama, I; Shibahara, T; Onoda, N; Tamura, H; 口腔外科学
Course of fracture line in sagittal splitting of human mandible
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Nov-2007
Hanaue, K; Katakura, A; Kasahara, K; Kamiyama, I; Takaki, T; Shibahara, T; Abe, S; Ide, Y; 口腔外科学; 解剖学
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and postoperative complications after orthognathic surgery
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2009
Kasahara, K; Yajima, Y; Ikeda, C; Kamiyama, I; Takaki, T; Kakizawa, T; Shibahara, T; 口健臨・口腔外科学; 口腔外科学; 口腔インプラント学
Risk factors for postoperative Dysphagia in oral cancer.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2012
Yamauchi, T; Edahiro, A; Watanabe, Y; Murakami, M; Satou, E; Saito, H; Sanjo, Y; Sakai, K; Takaki, S; Kamiyama, I; Hanaue, N; Satou, K; Tonogi, M; Katakura, A; Shibahara, T; Yamane, GY; 口腔外科学; 市病・オーラルメディシン・口腔外科学; 口健臨
Two cases of prostheses for flap protection after buccal mucosal incision
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Feb-2014
Nomoto, S; Sato, T; Yoshida, S; Saito, S; Kamiyama, I; Ito, A; Tanaka, J; クラウンブリッジ補綴学