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Color differences between artificial and natural teeth in removable partial denture wearers.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  May-2010
Ueda, T; Takagi, I; Ueda-Kodaira, Y; Sugiyama, T; Hirose, N; Ogami, K; Mori, K; Sakurai, K; 有床義歯補綴学
Influence of chewing on expression level of human beta-defensin 2 and secretory immunoglobulin A in the epithelium
Journal of prosthodontic research  Apr-2019
Ishida, A; Wada, T; Ogami, K; Ueda, T; Sakurai, K; 老年歯科補綴学
Oral function is associated with the body and muscle mass indices of middle-aged dental patients
Clinical and experimental dental research  Feb-2022
Nishi, T; Ohta, M; Takano, T; Ogami, K; Ueda, T; Sakurai, K; 老年歯科補綴学; 総合診療科