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Successful oxygenation during anesthesia induction using a high-flow nasal cannula in a patient with severe hypoxemia due to lung cancer
JA clinical reports  2020
Seki, H; Deguchi, Y; Ogihara, T; Ouchi, T; 市病・麻酔科
Recurrent aspiration pneumonia due to bilateral associated laryngeal paralysis after tooth extraction under general anesthesia: a case report
JA clinical reports  Apr-2020
Koshika, K; Ouchi, T; Serita, R; Koitabashi, T; 市病・麻酔科
Mechanical Stimulation-Induced Calcium Signaling by Piezo1 Channel Activation in Human Odontoblast Reduces Dentin Mineralization
Frontiers in physiology  Aug-2021
Matsunaga, M; Kimura, M; Ouchi, T; Nakamura, T; Ohyama, S; Ando, M; Nomura, S; Azuma, T; Ichinohe, T; Shibukawa, Y; 生理学; 生化学; 歯科麻酔学
Anesthetic management of super-elderly patients with remimazolam: a report of two cases
JA clinical reports  Sep-2021
Nakayama, J; Ogihara, T; Yajima, R; Innami, Y; Ouchi, T; 市病・麻酔科
Tissue Regeneration and Physiological Functional Recovery in Dental and Craniofacial Fields
Biomolecules  Nov-2021
Ouchi, T; Nakagawa, T; 生理学
Editorial: Stem Cells in Oral Cavity: From Development to Regeneration
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology  Jan-2022
Ouchi, T; Orsini, G; George, A; Kajiya, M; 生理学
Effects of intrathecal opioids on cesarean section: a systematic review and Bayesian network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Journal of anesthesia  Dec-2021
Seki, H; Shiga, T; Mihara, T; Hoshijima, H; Hosokawa, Y; Hyuga, S; Fujita, T; Koshika, K; Okada, R; Kurose, H; Ideno, S; Ouchi, T; 市病・麻酔科
Piezo1-pannexin-1-P2X3 axis in odontoblasts and neurons mediates sensory transduction in dentinal sensitivity
Frontiers in physiology  Dec-2022
Ohyama, S; Ouchi, T; Kimura, M; Kurashima, R; Yasumatsu, K; Nishida, D; Hitomi, S; Ubaidus, S; Kuroda, H; Ito, S; Takano, M; Ono, K; Mizoguchi, T; Katakura, A; Shibukawa, Y; 生理学; 口腔顎顔面外科学; 口腔病態外科学; 口腔科学研究センター; 短期大学
Gαs-Coupled CGRP Receptor Signaling Axis from the Trigeminal Ganglion Neuron to Odontoblast Negatively Regulates Dentin Mineralization
Biomolecules  Dec-2022
Saito, N; Kimura, M; Ouchi, T; Ichinohe, T; Shibukawa, Y; 生理学; 歯科麻酔学
Editorial: Stem cells in oral cavity: from development to regeneration, Volume II
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology  Apr-2023
Ouchi, T; Orsini, G; Kajiya, M; George, A; 生理学