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Down-regulated genes in mouse dental papillae and pulp
Journal of dental research  Jul-2010
Sasaki, H; Muramatsu, T; Kwon, HJ; Yamamoto, H; Hashimoto, S; Jung, HS; Shimono, M; 病理学; HRC7
Establishment and current status of patient community at Tokyo dental college.
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2012
Yamamoto, H; Murakami, S; Hirata, S; Sugihara, N; Mochizuki, R; Takahashi, T; Kawada, E; 歯科医学教育開発センター; 臨床検査病理学; 社会歯科学; 衛生学; 物理学; 総合診療科
Histological and immunohistochemical observation of the furcation area formation with the subpulpal lobus of rat molar.
Journal of Hard Tissue Biology  2017
Osawa, E; Shintani, S; Yamamoto, H; 組織・発生学; 小児歯科学
Developmental studies on the acquisition of perception conducting pathways via TRP channels in rat molar odontoblasts using immunohistochemistry and RT-qPCR.
Anatomical science international  Mar-2020
Tanaka, A; Shibukawa, Y; Yamamoto, M; Abe, S; Yamamoto, H; Shintani, S; 解剖学; 生理学; 小児歯科学; 組織・発生学
Fetal cervical zygapophysial joint with special reference to the associated synovial tissue: a histological study using near-term human fetuses
Anatomy & cell biology  Mar-2021
Kitamura, K; Hayashi, S; Jin, Z; Yamamoto, M; Murakami, G; Vazquez, J; Yamamoto, H; 解剖学; 組織・発生学
Participation of Patient Community Members in Communication Classes for Dental Students at Tokyo Dental College
Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College  Aug-2016
Takahashi, N; Yamamoto, H; Murakami, S; Hirata, S; Sugihara, N; Mochizuki, R; Takahashi, T; Sato, Y; Kawada, E; 歯科医学教育開発センター; 組織・発生学; 臨床検査病理学; 社会歯科学; 衛生学; 物理学; 千病・総合診療科; 教養; 歯科理工学
Survey of dental hygienists' and dental hygienist students' attitudes towards body identification tasks of unidentified human remains
International journal of dental hygiene  Feb-2021
Ishikawa, N; Yamasawa, M; Kitamura, K; Kuroda, H; Yamamoto, H; 組織・発生学; 法歯学・法人類学